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Press B to crouch.

My gender is
'almah, ALWAYS!, acault, active, activist, admirer, adorant, adult, agender, aggressive, agule, aionolit, alien, all of the above, ally, ambi-brained, ambigender, ambiguous, ambisexual, amoeba, amorous, anarchist, andro, androdyke, androgyne, androgynous, android, androphiliac, angekok, angel, animal lover, anomalous, anti-sexual, apomict, arenotelicon, aromantic, artsy, asexual, ask me, assertive, aunt, authoritarian, autistic, autogynephiliac, autosexual, BD, BDSM, babe, baby dyke, babygirl, bade, bayot, bbw, bbw admirer, bear, bear lover, bearded female, bearded lady, bearded woman, beautiful, bent, berdache, bi-romantic, bicurious, bidyke, big brother, big sister, bigender, bimbo, bioboy, biogirl, bioguy, birl, bisensual, bisexual, bishoujo, bishounen, bitch, bitchboi, blessed, blond, blonde, boi, boigirl, boigrrl, bondage, both, bottom, bouncy, boy, boy hater, boy in a skirt, boy lover, boy with a vagina, boy with boobs, boychick, boydyke, boygirl, boygrrl, brick, brother, brunet, brunette, bubbly, bull dyke, bulldagger, burl, burly, burly grrl, butch, butch-fucking, butch-ish, butch-liking, butch-loving, butchdyke, byke, Communist, canine, caring, castrated, cat, cat lover, celibate, chapstick lesbian, chaser, chick, chick with a dick, child, chubby, chubby chaser, chunky, cis-sexual, cisgender, cisgender boy, cisgender girl, cisgender man, cisgender person, cisgender woman, clockable, clone, closet queen, closeted, commie, communist, complex, confidant, confused, conservative, counselor, cousin, creative, creature, crip, crossdresser, crossgender, cub, cuddly, cunt, curious, cute, Democrat, DL, Dr., DS, daddy, daddy's baby, daddy's girl, daddy's grrl, daddy's whore, dairy queen, daughter, deep stealth, demon, diesel dyke, diesel femme, different, differently-gendered, dike-nwami, diva, do-me queen, dog, dog lover, dominant, dork, doublecrossdresser, downe, drag hag, drag king, drag monarch, drag prince, drag princess, drag queen, dragette, dragster, dragzilla, drama queen, dreamer, dude, dudette, dunno yet, dyke, dyke daddy, dyke hag, dyke on a bike, dyke tyke, dykefag, eccentric, eclectic, effanineffable, effeminate, either, enaree, eonist, epicene, esoteric, estranged, etc., eunuch, everything, extrovert, eyeliner fag, F2M, FAAB, FABGLITTER, FePhe, FSF, FT?, FTF, FTI, FTM, FTMTF, FTW, FTWTF, FTX, fa'afafine, fabulous, faerie, fag, fag hag, fag stag, fagdyke, fagette, faggot, faggotdude, fairy, family, family-closeted, fanboy, fancy, fangirl, fat, fat dyke, fat femme, father, faux king, faux queen, feline, fellagirly, female, female guy, female impersonator, female-assigned, female-bodied, female-born, female-identified, female-souled, feminine, feminist, femme, femme-fucking, femme-ish, femme-liking, femme-loving, femmeboy, femmy, femmy butch, ferm, fetishist, fey, fightfucker, flamer, flirt, flirty, fluffer, fluffy, fluid, fourth gender, freak, free, friend, friend of Dorothy, friendless, friendly, full of hate, full of love, full-time, furry, fusband, Galla, GLBT, GLBTQ, GLBTQA, GLBTQI, GLBTQIA, Green, gay, gay-curious, gay-friendly, gaysexual, geek, gelding, gender abolitionist, gender anarchist, gender atypical, gender bender, gender blender, gender challenged, gender confused, gender defender, gender deviant, gender different, gender dysphoric, gender euphoric, gender expressive, gender fluid, gender gifted, gender liberationist, gender nazi, gender neutral, gender normative, gender outlaw, gender pirate, gender refusenik, gender subversive, gender transcender, gender variant, gender warrior, genderbent, gendered, genderfree, genderfuck, genderful, genderless, genderqueer, genderstraight, gendertrash, genetic girl, genetic woman, genetically challenged king, genetically challenged queen, gentleman, gentlewoman, gink, girl, girl hater, girl lover, girlboi, girlboy, girlfag, girly, girly boy, girly-girl, girly-man, glam fag, glittery, god, goddess, goy, grrl, grrlboi, grrlboy, grrly boy, grrlydyke, gurl, guy, guydyke, gynandroid, gynandromorphic, gynephiliac, gynephilic, gynoid, gyrl, haggot, hairy, happy, hard, hard butch, hard femme, harpy, hasbian, he-she, herm, hermaphrodite, hermaphrodyke, hetero-romantic, heteroblivious, heteroerotic, heteroflexible, heterophile, heteroplatonic, heteroqueer, heterosextransman, heterosextranswoman, heterosexual, heyoka, high femme, hijra, hippie, hippychick, hommasse, homo, homo-romantic, homoblivious, homoemotional, homoerotic, homoflexible, homoplatonic, homosextransman, homosextranswoman, homosexual, homovestite, huggly, huggy, human, husband, hwame, hwami, hyper-sexual, hypo-sexual, Independent, ITF, ITM, illusionist, impersonator, in transition, indecisive, indifferent, individual, ineffable, intelligent, interested, intergender, intersex, introvert, khal, khush, kid, kinky, kitty, knight, koskalaka, kurami, LGBT, LGBTQ, LGBTQA, LGBTQI, LGBTQIA, LGBTQIOPPS, LGBTQIPPS, Lola, Lolita, lady, ladyboy, leather, left-brained, leftist, leopard, lesbian, lesbian-identified, lesbigay, lesbiman, lesbo, lesbro, lezbean, lezzy, liberal, libertarian, library dyke, lipstick lesbian, little brother, little sister, lost, lovely, lover, loving, low femme, M2F, MAAB, Miss, Mr., Mre., Mrs., MSM, Ms., MT?, MTF, MTFTM, MTI, MTM, MTWTF, MTX, Mx., ma'am, machera, macho, madam, mahu, male, male impersonator, male lesbian, male-assigned, male-bodied, male-born, male-identified, male-souled, mama, mama's boi, mama's boy, mama's girl, mama's grrl, man, man with a vagina, man with boobs, man-chick, man-child, man-loving, manly-hearted woman, maricón, masculine, masochist, master, me, merm, mesbian, mesbo, metagender, metamorph, metrosexual, midgender, mife, mimbo, minx, misrepresented, miss, misses, misster, misstery, mister, mister-ma'am, mistress, misunderstood, mixed-gendered, mohabbazin, mommy, mommy's boi, mommy's boy, mommy's girl, mommy's grrl, monoamorous, monoflexible, monogamist, monogender, monosexual, mosaic, mother, muff muncher, mukhannathun, multifacetted, multigender, musclefag, muskobanja, mutarajjulat, myself, NEVER!, NO!, nadle, nancy, nancyboy, natal woman, neither, nellie, nelly, nellyfag, nephew, nerd, neuter, neutral, neutrois, new man, new woman, nichiwakan, niece, niizh manitoag, ninauposkitzipspe, nkonkana, no thank you, no-gender, no-ho, no-op, nohitika win, nola, non-op, non-trans, non-trans boy, non-trans girl, non-trans man, non-trans person, non-trans woman, nonbutch/nonfemme, none of the above, none of your business, nongender, nongolozi, not sure of myself, not sure of others, nothing, notjmen, notjwomen, ntalha, nuwuduka, nymphomaniac, oblivious, obsessed, odd, okitcitakwe, omi-paloni, omipolone, omnigender, omnisexual, one-spirit, onnabe, open, opt-out, other, other-gendered, otherkin, otter, out, out-ish, outed, outgoing, outspoken, pan-romantic, pangender, pansexual, pansy, parent, part-time, parthenogene, passing girl, passing woman, passionate, passive, peopleemotional, peopleplatonic, peoplesexual, person, pervert, philosopher, pixie, platonic, plumber dyke, plumber femme, plural, pole dancer, polyamorous, polycurious, polyflexible, polygamist, polygender, polysexual, polysnuggler, pomo, pomosexual, post-op, poufbunny, pre-op, pregender, prettyboy, priest, priestess, princess, privileged, pro-choice, pro-family, pro-gay, pro-life, pro-sex feminist, progressive, promiscuous, pseudohermaphrodite, puppy, puto, pygmalionist, queen, queer, queer dyke, queer femme, queer liberationist, queer-friendly, queer-minded, queergendered, queering deafness, queerly straight, queersexual, questioning, quiet, quirky, quirkyalone, quiz whore, Republican, Rev., Reverend, radical, radical faerie, radical fairy, random, readable, recreational gender blender, redhead, ren fest fag, right-brained, rightist, romantic, royal, SOFFA, Socialist, sacred whore, sadist, sadomasochist, salmacian, salzikrum, same gender loving, same sex different gender oriented, sapiosexual, sapphist, sassy, scrat, second, sekrata, self-defined, semi-sexual, senp'aa, sensitive, sererr, sex positive, sex radical, sex-averse, sexless, sexy, shaman, shapeshifter, she-bear, she-bitch, she-geek, she-man, shemale, showgirl, shy, simple, simplex, single boi, single grrl, single-gender, sinta'xlau'wam, sir, sissy, sissyboy, sister, skank, slave, slinky minx, slut, snuggly, socialist, soft, soft butch, soft femme, son, sparkly, spiritual, spivak, splat, split-brained, spuncle, stag, starfucker, static gendered, stealth, sticky girl, stone, stone butch, stone femme, straight, straight?, straightly queer, strange, stud, student, submissive, suicidal, survivor, sweet, switch, TG butch, Tootsie, takarazuka, teh gay, the gay, theater fag, third gender, timtim, timtum, tomboy, tomboy femme, tomgirl, top, tortillera, trampy, tranny, trannyboi, trannyboy, trannychaser, trannydyke, trannyfag, trannygirl, trannygrrl, trannyqueer, trans, trans-am, trans-amorous, trans-friendly, trans-loving, trans-oblivious, transboi, transboy, transbutch, transdyke, transexual, transfag, transfagdrag, transfaghag, transfan, transfemale, transfemale butch, transfemale femme, transfeminine, transfeminist, transfemme, transfolk, transgender, transgender warrior, transgenderist, transgenerationalist, transgirl, transgrrl, transguy, transhag, transhuman, transkid, transmale, transmale butch, transmale femme, transman, transmasculine, transperson, transphile, transqueer, transquestioning, transsensual, transsexual, transsissy, transspecies, transtheorist, transvestite, transwoman, transy, tranz, treehugger, tribade, trisexual, truck, trustworthy, tumtum, twin-spirit, twink, two-spirit, uncle, unclockable, undecided, undeclared, undefined, understanding, ungendered, uninterested, unique, unspecified, unsure, Victor/Victoria, vanilla, versatile, virgin, vorarephile, voyeuristic, WAB, WBW, WTF, walyeh, wannabe, wealthy, weird, wench, whatever, who cares, whole-brained, whore, wife, wimp, winkte, witch, wizard, wolf, woman, woman-loving, womon, womon-loving, womyn, womyn-loving, working class, XO, XTF, XTM, XTX, XX, XXX, XXXX, XXXXX, XXXXY, XXXY, XXY, XXYY, XY, XYY, xanith, YES!, yestergay
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